Lexus LS Peerless Luxury

A luxury sedan of the highest order, there is nothing quite like the Lexus LS. Designed to capture the hearts of leaders, trailblazers, and trendsetters, this striking flagship sedan represents the pinnacle of elegance and refinement. Featuring advanced technology, unrivaled comfort, and superior performance, the LS stands in a class of its own.

The new LS transforms the sedan into a brand new art form. The eye-catching, dynamic appearance of the Lexus flagship is matched only by its remarkable, driver-first performance. The LS offers superb handling agility and exhilarating driving, yet refuses to compromise on comfort and luxury.

Superior Design

Exceptional Performance

The true beauty of the LS lies beneath the surface. In pursuing high-quality driving performance, engineers focused on elevating the sedan's levels of comfort, quiet, and overall refinement to help balance a range of new dynamic improvements demanded by the Lexus Driving Signature initiative. This philosophy applies detailed tuning, thoughtful component updates, and control surface upgrades to help drive Lexus products to a new standard of vehicle control, balance and ultimately, driver confidence. The result is the further evolution of the high-quality driving expected of a brand flagship.


The new LS features the latest in advanced safety technologies, including Lexus Teammate, which will be first introduced to the Japanese market. To provide occupants with a sense of security, Teammate incorporates AI technologies centered on deep learning for predicting and responding to various situations, assisting the driver in recognition, judgment, and operation, in accordance with actual traffic conditions. The LS is also available with the BladeScan Adaptive High-Beam System, which illuminates areas that might be difficult to see with conventional high-beam systems. It allows the driver to recognize pedestrians and road signs much earlier, without impeding the visibility of other drivers on the road, while the digital rearview mirror features a larger high-resolution display for improved visibility of the area behind the vehicle.

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