Inside the Lexus Experience



It goes beyond brave design and exhilarating performance - it's a harmony of advanced features that transforms every drive into an exceptional journey. Each Lexus, whether it's the dynamic RX, the electric RZ, or the robust LX, is a symphony of distinctive features that combine to create an experience that is uniquely Lexus. Here, we delve deeper into several of those features.

Remote Park Assist

Park your worries away.
Parking can be a bit of a challenge - from backing into tight spots to the dreaded parallel parking. And after the mental gymnastics of negotiating your way through the space, you need the flexibility of a contortionist to exit the vehicle.

This is where the available Lexus Advanced Park is your best friend. The human-centric innovation allows you to park like a pro at the touch of a button. All you have to do is choose the spot and watch as your vehicle positions itself perfectly, every time.

Mark Levinson

Experience the sound of refinement.
Discover new details hidden in your favorite songs when you play them on the Mark Levinson PurePlay surround sound system available in the Lexus RX.

With speakers meticulously placed around the cabin, you can enjoy a refined audio performance that immerses you in the power of music.

Leather Seats

Sit back in pure luxury.
When you settle into the luxuriously crafted plush leather seat, you’re reminded of the true meaning of comfort. But this meticulously detailed throne is designed for more than just a relaxing ride.

Featuring a unique foam-injected construction that adjusts to the contours of your body, it delivers the ideal posture, control, and visibility for exhilarating driving performance. So sit back in premium comfort as you take the reins of the road ahead.

Auto Dim Roof

Sun and serenity, under one roof.
An elegant expression of modernity and refinement, the Lexus RZ can be equipped with the optional auto dim roof - a panoramic glass ceiling that works like magic. A unique feature designed to eliminate the roller shade, it lends a sense of openness inside.

The glass has a low-emissive coating that reflects radiation to keep the cabin cool on sunny days and retain heat on cold days. The roof also has an electric dimming function, instantly switching from transparent to opaque at the touch of a button. Because when it comes to your comfort, we think of everything.

Spindle Body Design

An evolution in design sophistication.
The spindle body ushers a new era of electrification design for Lexus. More than just a simple aesthetic choice, the sculpted frame focuses on aerodynamic efficiencies, optimized proportions, and an elegant presence.

So you can charge toward an electrifying future with ease and style.


Charge forward with electrifying control.
The pioneering Lexus DIRECT4 technology is an electrifying evolution of the all-wheel-drive system. Engineered for instant power and exhilaration, it delivers an authentic sense of control that matches your drive.

By constantly monitoring how each wheel interacts with the road, it shifts power to optimize traction, giving you razor sharp precision in the palm of your hand.

Multi-Terrain Select

Superior prowess beyond the roads.
Off-roading explorations always need a little extra help. And with the Lexus LX Multi-Terrain Select, you experience optimum control of brakes, driving force, and suspension.

Select from a range of options to engage the innovative system that enhances driving performance over varied landscapes. All so you can command every challenging terrain with confidence.

Crawl Control

Steer toward adventure.
Off-roading enthusiasts around the world take pleasure in seeking out places most don’t even know exist. Navigating their way through different terrains to enjoy an action-packed adventure. But every challenge needs the right tools. And the Lexus LX Crawl Control system is uniquely designed to accentuate bold explorations beyond the asphalt. Activated at the touch of a button, it assists the driver by controlling acceleration and braking, allowing them to focus on steering.

Climate Concierge

Lexus Climate Concierge at your service.
Lexus Climate Concierge is an intelligent system that uses infrared sensors to continuously measure your temperature and adapts to keep you comfortable.

Rooted in the essence of 'Omotenashi', it monitors the temperature of the four separate climate zones and adjusts them, ensuring a relaxing environment for all the passengers.


The Lexus experience doesn't end here. Continue your journey to fully experience each model.
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