Lexus LX Adventure Awaits
Live the life uncharted

Discover the luxury of freedom with the Lexus LX. Our new flagship combines reliability, durability and rough-road diving performance with Lexus refinement and craftsmanship. Featuring a wealth of intelligent technology, advanced safety features, and luxurious seating, the LX lets you and your passengers travel where the mood and moment take you in peerless comfort and style.

Commanding demanding terrain and attention, the Lexus LX has everything that the modern adventurer needs. With a spacious interior, ample cargo space, and exceptional towing capacity, it’s remarkable comfort and incredible off-road capability ensure that you can conquer any road in style.

The new LX is more personalized, with the newly added VIP grade, which is specially designed with four independent seats for elegant and safe travel on all kinds of roads, and the F SPORT grade, which allows customers to enjoy sporty driving on winding roads



Multi Terrain Select and Crawl Control gives the LX superior ground-covering performance across different driving conditions. The system optimally controls wheel slip and grip providing ideal grip levels for the pre-set terrain. At the same time, the Multi Terrain Monitor function and dual display can show images at low speeds from around the vehicle onto the multimedia screen via cameras mounted front, rear, and side. This helps you determine the correct path to take by providing vision into areas not easily seen from your seat.


The LX boasts impressive safety features through Lexus Safety System +, including standard Blind Spot Monitor, Pre-Collision System, Intuitive Parking Assist and Emergency Steering Assist. Crawl Control increases your confidence when maneuvering steep inclines and mogul-covered off-road terrain. In the event of a collision, the LX is built on a high-strength, high-rigidity steel ladder-frame chassis designed to transfer energy more linearly while high-strength sheet steel is used in the reinforcements under the floor. The new LX also features Lexus’ first fingerprint-authentication push-start switch.