Programming the unique senses of highly skilled craftsmen into the consistent and efficient movements of our robotic technology, has resulted in unparalleled Lexus craftsmanship.


Water polishing makes the body perfectly smooth to prevent tiny irregularities in paint work. Robots that perform this task are trained to mimic strokes and movements of expert craftsmen.

Among the painting processes this water polishing stage, which happens immediately before painting, is one of the most important. This unique process involves the body of the car being polished while water is simultaneously poured on. Only highly skilled craftsmen know the perfect movement for the ultimate surface. So, the robots that perform this task are trained to mimic strokes and movement of craftsmen. Water polishing prevents tiny irregularities in the paint work. The result is the beautiful shine, luster and depth of color that you see on a Lexus body.


At Lexus, Human and Machine work together to deliver unrivaled craftsmanship in the making of every car. Robots achieve consistent quality and workers' unique senses ensure perfection.Humans use their skills to program the robots and their uniquely human senses to complete the final inspection process. One does not work without the other, together – Human and Machine – create works of art and guarantee the ultimate end experience for the customer.

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