It All Starts at the Circuit

Motorsports provides opportunities for the world’s top carmakers to compete against each other with cars packed with cutting-edge technology.

The roars and smells of these glamorous vehicles permeate the racetrack, awakening something wild and passionate in the spectators sitting in the stands.

Every action of every car—from running to turning and stopping—has been refined and calibrated to the level of a single screw. But the gathered carmakers aren’t there simply to show off the meticulousness of their designs. They also study their rivals to look for new technologies and new approaches to car culture that they can use to shape the future of mobility—more technologically advanced, but also greener. You might say the racetrack is like an enormous lab.

Carmakers are not passive participants of motorsports. They also work tirelessly to grant a wish that many of their customers have—to be able to race in a car built by their favorite brand. This allows carmakers to explore the joy we derive from our cars so they can create vehicles and services for a more gratifying driving experience.

This is what motorsports is about.

Raise Lexus’ Engineering to the Next Level

Together with team Akkodis ASP, Lexus embarks on a new challenge by entering the 2024 FIA World Endurance Championship. Discover the blend of teamwork, technology, engineering, and strategy that drives our quest for glory, and delve into the rich legacy of one of motorsport's most prestigious series.



Discover how Lexus harnesses the thrill of motorsports to not just craft cars that ignite your passion for driving, but also deliver a limitless lifestyle for those who enjoy driving their racing models or custom-built vehicles on circuits through its customer motorsports program, as Lexus propels motorsports and car culture into the future.


Did you know that Lexus has been racing around the world for almost 20 years? From Nurburgring 24 Hours to other international series, Lexus has been racing in top sportscar championships, honing its automotive technology in environments with different weather and road conditions, and rules. Continuing to accelerate, find out how technologies derived from racing directly contribute to crafting better cars tomorrow.


Spanning seven continents, racing cultures across the world have their own unique traditions and access to technology. From legendary circuits to cross-cultural innovation hubs, find out how automakers share their tech and traditions while uniting to pass on motorsports culture and automobile culture to future generations.


For over 20 years, Lexus has competed in a diverse range of races with various racing cars, alongside motorsport-loving customers and teams from around the world.

Discover the premier races and teams here.

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