Lexus unveils its roadmap to the future.

this is just the beginning.

Since 2005, Lexus has been at the forefront of pioneering electrification in the luxury market. It began with the launch of the RX400h, the world’s first premium hybrid electric SUV, and the line-up has since grown to ten electrified models. Over 2 million of these models have reached the road, contributing to a reduction of approximately 19 million tons of CO2 emissions - a reduction equivalent to the output of approximately 300,000 passenger cars each year for the past 15 years.

Lexus is now taking a bold new direction.

Lexus Electrified Sport

Introducing Lexus’ next-generation Sports BEV

Introducing Lexus' next-generation Sports BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) and spiritual successor to the Lexus LFA, the "Lexus Electrified Sport".

All of the limits will be pushed, both on the road and on the track, to achieve the full potential of electrification and create the ultimate expression of the Lexus Driving Signature.

This will define a formula that will be inherited by other Lexus models, making the Lexus Electrified Sport the symbol for Lexus' shift to a more BEV centered brand.

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The BEV Lineup


This new direction reinforces and accelerates the Lexus Electrified vision first announced with the LF-30 all-electric concept car at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. The Lexus Electrified vision targets a fundamental leap in vehicle performance, handling, control, and driver enjoyment through electrification technologies.

The next step towards the Lexus Electrified vision was made with the "LF-Z Electrified", a BEV concept that features ideal dynamic balance achieved through the optimal placement of the battery and electric motors, as well as, among others, a new four-wheel driving force control technology known as "DIRECT4" that generates a superior and highly flexible driving performance, setting the LF-Z Electrified apart from conventional vehicles.



DIRECT4 and other proprietary technologies are tuned to work seamlessly together in a way that only Lexus can deliver, providing drivers with natural driving feel, a sense of unity with their vehicle, and the true comfort that comes from confidence, in a thoughtfully designed vehicle with the right balance of excitement and predictability.

Along with DIRECT4, another major component of the Lexus Electrified vision is the new e-TNGA platform dedicated to BEVs. e-TNGA has been designed with clever inbuilt flexibility to enable Lexus and its partners to create a range of vehicles, each of which will be optimized to suit their customer needs. This includes a range of motor sizes and drive types, and includes both two-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive. As for batteries, the e-TNGA platform allows for a range not only of battery sizes, but also, in the future, of different battery types.

While these technologies take form in concept with the LF-Z, the reality is on the horizon with the Lexus RZ 450e.

the lexus rz

The Lexus RZ, featuring the e-TNGA platform, DIRECT4, steer-by-wire, and more groundbreaking technologies, delivers a driving experience unique to Lexus. Working towards the goal of 100% BEV models worldwide by 2035, the Lexus range will include a full BEV lineup across all categories by 2030.

There is no doubt that an unprecedented decade of change lies ahead. But there is no fear, and no concern about these challenges. We see a future that is full of opportunity.