Zero Bag is an eco-friendly package with paper detergent or baking soda film attached to an alginate water-soluble bag. Through the mentoring program, Kyeongho & Yejin developed and articulated the potential use cases and target markets for this type of product. The idea for packaging for the clothing retail market evolved to include explorations for different industries, from clothes to food. The process of development is still continuing to evolve, as the designers embrace the myriad potential of their ideas.

Kyeongho Park & Yejin Heo, Republic of Korea


Kyeongho Park & Yejin Heo are students majoring in industrial design at Hanyang University's ERICA campus in the Republic of Korea. They are concerned about social and environmental problems and explore user-centered solutions through design.

Nationality: Republic of Korea
Country of Residence: Republic of Korea

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