Touch the Valley is a 3D topographic puzzle that helps the visually impaired learn about the physical environment through the sense of touch. Taking feedback from the user testing, the playability of the puzzle improved by adding on small features to the puzzle, including magnet feedback, elevational grooves, and smoother edges – enabling users to joyfully immerse in the process of play and exploration without too much of a cognitive load.

Temporary Office, USA


Temporary Office is a design team of Vincent Lai and Douglas Lee, graduates from University of California, Berkeley. The team has worked on projects crossing the boundaries of architecture, public space, preservation and product design. With a strong focus on historical research and precedent, Temporary Office seeks to constructively respond to the ever-changing needs of our environment in a rational yet playful way.

Singapore - (Vincent Lai)
Canada - (Douglas Lee)

Country of Residence: USA

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