By combining features of a wheelchair, forklift, and hammock, caregivers can move and transfer patients without having to manually lift them. A cloth acts as a pallet, while the wheelchair with 2 prongs acts like a forklift.

Through mentoring, Wondaleaf not only enhanced the product’s functionality, they also made the Hammock Wheelchair more user friendly and added color and texture to raise its emotional appeal.



Alex Wong, Reuben Tang, Louis Tang, Wong Ping Ming, John Tang, Lau Yien Yien and Sii How Sing

The team members of Wondaleaf are part of a medical device innovation company. Each member specializes in different aspects of the design and production process. After some team members had difficulty caring for patients after running a nursing home, they partnered to design a device to assist caregivers and patients at these facilities.

Nationality: Malaysia
Country of Residence: Malaysia

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