The striking all-New Lexus NX makes a dramatic statement that will turn heads in any environment. Razor-sharp styling paired with Lexus-first innovations and class-leading features enhance your on-road experience. A remarkable SUV designed for an active urban lifestyle, the NX will satisfy the performance demands of the most discerning motorist.

A Lexus first, the NX is also available as a Plug in Hybrid Electric model, as well as Hybrid Electric and Petrol powertrains. So, whether you're throwing an overnight bag in the back for a weekend away, hitting the golf course or ferrying the family around, the NX has been designed to meet all your lifestyle needs, whilst contributing to a carbon-neutral society.

The all-New NX was developed under the “Lexus Driving Signature”. This involves confidence-inspiring level of dynamic behavior and is supported by the state of the art tech available in the cabin developed with a human centered approach. Under the Lexus Driving Signature ethos, our engineers focused on creating a linear driving feel that possesses a direct steering communication between driver and vehicle ensuring the NX faithfully responds to the drivers’ intentions.

Distinctive Style

Captivating Performance

Whether economical plug in hybrid electric, hybrid electric or turbocharged petrol performance, this is a vehicle built for impressive power and a captivating drive every time. All options offer exceptional performance and advanced features that are designed to thrill.

The plug-in hybrid system used in the PHEV version of the NX is equipped with a thermally-efficient 2.5-liter inline-four engine, a high-capacity, high-output lithium-ion battery, and front and rear motors. The lithium-ion battery has an impressive power output of 18.1 kilowatt-hour (kWh), providing a class-leading EV range and power for daily driving.


Innovative technology abounds in the Lexus NX including safety systems found throughout the vehicle which help alert you to danger and alleviate risk if the unexpected happens. The latest Lexus Safety System + has been expanded and all features enhanced, including the detection range of the millimeter wave radar and monocular camera, The aim is to prevent accidents, further reduce traffic fatalities and injuries, and ease the burden on drivers.

In addition, the NX is equipped with Advanced Park*, an advanced driving support technology developed based on the Mobility Teammate Concept, to support safe, secure and smooth parking. Furthermore, a new function has been added to allow remote parking* using a smartphone. In addition, automatic door-opening cancellation (Safe Exit Assist), which is linked to the Blind Spot Monitor sensor and e-latch system, supports safe and secure exit. For added convenience, a digital key* that allows the driver to operate the car from a smartphone is also available.

* Specifications vary by market.