The Lexus Cookbook:
Culinary Perspectives

The Lexus Cookbook:
Culinary Perspectives


August, 2020

Lexus launches its global digital cookbook, Culinary Perspectives, as part of its new Lexus Creates initiative

Creating food and elevating that into culinary art requires attention to detail and an evolved level of craftsmanship, values which are also at the core of the Lexus brand.

In celebration of these shared values, Lexus has created Culinary Perspectives: a collection of mouth-watering recipes from Lexus’ culinary partners that have been enjoyed at Lexus events around the world.

Download Volume 1
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Whether a novice or expert, the collection delectable recipes are arranged as a menu for a multi-course meal that involves a range of difficulty levels and can be mastered in the comfort of one’s home.

To realize the cookbook, Lexus enlisted the expertise of writer and editor Joshua David Stein, a James Beard Award nominated author whose work has appeared in the Best American Food Writing and a former restaurant critic for the Village Voice and New York Observer.

“Culinary Perspectives enables the brand to connect with its audience on a topic that is of deep personal interest to them, while recognizing some of the world’s most talented craftspeople in the culinary space.” said Brian Bolain, General Manager, Lexus International.

We hope our audience will embrace this opportunity to explore their own epicurean artisanship.
Brian Bolain
General Manager, Lexus International

Lexus hopes that the stories and thoughtfulness behind each chef’s approach to their recipe inspired by ingredients, geography and culture will reinforce the value of creativity, curiosity and exploration.

Download Culinary Perspectives Vol. 1
Download Culinary Perspectives Vol. 2

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