Redefining Luxury by Making it Personal

Lexus introduces five values foundational to our future vision, where luxury isn’t just a diverse range of products and features, but a focus on creating experiences that feel personal.

When you think of a luxury automobile, what do you see?

Do you imagine leather seats, spacious interiors, and a pin-drop-silent cabin? Or is it raw, unfiltered horsepower, cutting-edge technology and front heated seats? Perhaps luxury is something a bit more intangible – a feeling that extends beyond any single feature or function? Or is it all of the above?

More importantly, what does luxury look like, or feel like, in the future? As technology becomes part of even the simplest task, the future could become a very cold place. Or, as envisioned at Lexus, the future can be a warm and inviting place, where technology is pursued in service of the customer. Where everything about the brand feels modern, yet intuitive. Where all the experiences, from online to in-dealer to in-car, feel like a natural extension of the customer’s intent. That is how Lexus envisions true luxury in the future.

From the very beginning, our goal at Lexus was never to just redefine luxury. We wanted to create a definition that’s meaningful and approachable. That’s ever evolving and that can be both seen and felt. Our luxury begins only when we reach further within ourselves and push higher than ever before.

We call it – Making Luxury Personal.

Making Luxury Personal

This new expression is more than a philosophy, it’s our vision for the future – building better vehicles and to be a better brand, while continually enhancing our own vision and values too. To us, real luxury needs to feel personal. Never superficial but instead thoughtfully considered and gracefully delivered. It engages, exhilarates and feels connected to our customers. It’s borne of genuine compassion and expressed through technology that’s intuitive. It’s heartfelt hospitality that goes beyond expectations and it's meticulously crafted with refined elegance that grabs hold of and delights the senses. By making luxury personal, Lexus carries itself and our customers happily into the future. This vision guides us in everything we do, to make luxury personal for our customers around the world, through...

Authentic, quiet confidence

Lexus embodies the peace of mind and quiet satisfaction that comes from true quality. It’s a difference that’s felt and seen in every crafted detail. By always doing what is right for the customer, we will quietly, confidently, and authentically create happiness at every touchpoint.

Refined, meticulously crafted

Lexus sets itself apart through uncompromising dedication to every detail. From the feel of driving, to designs that represent the pinnacle of craft and refinement, everything is deeply considered and executed to ensure the highest level of precision and beauty at every step. The result is human-centered luxury originated from within.

Omotenashi, thoughtful consideration

Lexus distinguishes itself through heartfelt omotenashi that exceeds expectations. It’s a human-centered focus that informs every experience we craft. From anticipatory and gratifying digital, in-dealer, and in-vehicle interactions to our promise of carbon neutrality, as well as thoughtful concern for others and our planet, Lexus believes a better future is possible.

Engaging, passionate enthusiasm

Lexus exudes passionate enthusiasm. We relentlessly challenge ourselves, find the better way and consistently push the boundaries of what’s possible. With electrification that ignites the senses, driving performance that inspires confidence, and luxury that’s deeply personal, Lexus delivers emotional satisfaction at every touchpoint.

And Imaginative, intuitive technology

Lexus inspires through continuous innovation and limitless imagination. Driven by a relentless push for progress and focus on the future, our technology is designed to be an effortless partnership with the driver. This is a result of constant collaboration among our engineering centers, helping to create an intuitive driving experience.

These five values are foundational to the Lexus vision. All five equally weighted in importance, they're most impactful when combined. Luxury isn’t just merely offering a diverse range of products and features or keeping up with the latest trend. To redefine our luxury, we’ve focused on creating experiences that feel personal.

Anyone can change the definition of luxury, but only a few will embrace the challenge of rising to meet it.

A line up of electrified luxury

Today, you’ll find our definition of luxury in a growing range of electrified vehicles – from the first-ever all-electric Lexus RZ, to our first-ever Plug-in Hybrid Electric Lexus NX 450h+. All leading the way forward into a visionary, zero compromise, carbon-neutral and human-centered future. 

At Lexus, we'll continue to re-define what luxury is and can be in the future. And whether we're talking about a small design detail, perhaps unnoticed by most, or bringing a new level of refinement to an entire category of electrified vehicles, that luxury will absolutely be human-centric, as we continue to "Make Luxury Personal."