Lexus Returns to
Design Miami/

Lexus Returns to
Design Miami/



November, 2019

Lexus joins Design Miami/ as official automotive sponsor to celebrate excellence in design and its commitment to sustainability

For a second year, Lexus joined the Design Miami/ fair as the official automotive sponsor, showcasing the brand’s passion for design at the global forum for influential collectors, designers, curators and critics from around the world. As the brand that created the world's first luxury hybrid electric vehicle in 2005, it supported the show's sustainable theme with an all-hybrid electric vehicle fleet to chauffeur the fair's VIP guests.

Lexus also brought the stunning LC Convertible Concept as part of the brand's first commissioned installation for Design Miami/ with an exhibition titled SUNSHOWER. This was Lexus response to the fair's theme, "Elements: Water". Designer Nao Tamura was commissioned to create an immersive, multimedia installation that evokes the wondrousness of this natural, outdoor phenomenon. The exhibition reinforces the brand's commitment to omotenashi (hospitality), takumi (artisanship) and the indoor-outdoor philosophy of engawa.

Guests were invited to experience SUNSHOWER by relaxing in the space, use its charging stations and sample Ooho. An innovative water capsules product made of edible seaweed extracts which was a finalist in the 2014 Lexus Design Award.

With Lexus design, nothing is accidental, and we hope that sense of thoughtful design will be felt throughout the installation.
Brian Bolain
General Manager of Lexus International

"With Lexus design, nothing is accidental, and we hope that sense of thoughtful design will be felt throughout the installation," says Brian Bolain, General Manager of Lexus International. "The design goal of the LC Convertible Concept is the expression of ultimate beauty, and we are proud to display it amid the context of such talented designers.", he continued.

From the rake of the windshield to the smooth contours of the rear decklid that houses the convertible top, every line on the LC Convertible Concept is drawn to evoke an emotional response.

A stunning design from every angle, the LC Convertible Concept stands out as an aspirational halo vehicle for the Lexus brand.

"With the SUNSHOWER exhibition and the all-hybrid electric vehicle fleet, the Lexus presence will be felt throughout the fair in a way that feels organic to our mission as a global design forum." said Jennifer Roberts, Chief Executive Officer of Design Miami/

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