Lexus Presents
Freedom to Move

Lexus Presents
Freedom to Move


August, 2021

Lexus previewed Freedom To Move, a conceptual design project made in collaboration with Tosin Oshinowo and Chrissa Amuah at Design Miami/ 2020

At Design Miami/ 2020, Lexus unveiled a conceptual design called Freedom to Move, made in collaboration with architect and designer Tosin Oshinowo and textiles and furniture designer Chrissa Amuah.

Freedom to Move presents a collection of headpieces that explore the idea of protection and celebration, as well as functionality and ornamentation. The conceptual design explores a universal language of protection, reflecting on the desire for freedom and movement through craftsmanship, cultural cues, and a reflection on global history anchored to the Lexus ethos.

Chrissa Amuah (left) and Tosin Oshinowo (right)

Our conceptual design makes a bold stride towards our new human existence and is enraptured in a marriage of ergonomics and spectacle.
Tosin Oshinowo
Architect and Designer

The project was born from several core principles of the Lexus ethos, including the concept of omotenashi, which involves anticipating needs, and Lexus’ human centered design principles.

With these principles in mind, the project set to reinvision a utility as a luxury, placing the experience and life of Lexus customers first.

Amuah and Oshinowo were also deeply inspired by the concept of takumi craftsmanship, and worked with artisans using crafts and techniques that have been passed down through generations.

The bronze detailing, delicate finishings, and careful upholstery of the masks themselves take note from the craftsmanship and detailing in the leather upholstery and interiors of Lexus vehicles.

The juxtaposition of bronze and embroidery speaks to the strength and elegance of a Lexus – from the bold, metallic elements, which are reminiscent of the iconic spindle grille, to the soft elegant materials, like that of the exquisite interior upholstery.

I hope that this project evokes emotions of joy. Joy for everybody that we have carried on this journey with us.
Chrissa Amuah
Textiles and Furniture designer

Following the exhibition at Design Miami/ 2020, the headpieces have since journeyed the globe and have been captured by a variety of content creators, including virtual supermodel Shudu (@shudu.gram), visual artist and storyteller Trevor Stuurman (@trevor_stuurman), and photographer Minh T (@thismintymoment).

See more of their shots below.

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