Lexus Overtrail Project

With a vision centered on sustainability and harmony with nature, Lexus brings to life the Overtrail Project.

Discover Adventure Anew

You're not just driving. When you're on the road in a Lexus, you're building a relationship with your car, with the journey and with the beauty around you. Born from a commitment to coexistence and sustainability, Lexus presents the Overtrail Project. This initiative aims to stoke the adventurous spirit nestled within us, fostering a celebration of nature, captured through the artistry of our vehicles. From leisurely picnics in the park to thrilling off-road exploits, the Overtrail Project bridges the gap between the comforts of luxury mobility and the allure of the outdoors. The Overtrail Project has already started to bloom within several of our new models, acting as a beacon, leading your exploration.

Journey Beyond Boundaries

With The All-New GX

Built to enhance every twist, turn, and terrain: Experience the all-new GX. Reimagined as 'The Premium Off-Roader,' the GX seamlessly blends the sophistication you expect from Lexus with a readiness-for-adventure vibes.

The all-new GX introduces the Overtrail grade, epitomizing the essence of the Overtrail Project. With a robust stance accentuated by wider treads, revised bumper corners, and a dedicated center protector, the GX is ready for dynamic outdoor challenges.

Unique hues set the GX Overtrail grade apart, adding luxurious sophistication. The Moon Desert exterior color, a newly developed blend of solid hues and metallic undertones, graces the GX with exclusivity and elegance. For a more distinctive look, a bi-tone color option highlights the character of the Overtrail grade, expanding the lineup to offer six exterior colors. Inside, two color options, "Black" and the bright earthy tone of "Chateau," accentuate the signature luxury of Lexus. Seat designs incorporate special embossed patterns, inspired by the exterior under-grille, with olive-colored bio-ultrasuede® accents on the shoulder area adding a unique touch to the color scheme.

As for off-roading capability, the GX boasts features like Crawl Control, Advanced Brake Control, and the E-KDSS system, designed to offer unmatched on-and off-road performance.

Roar through Nature

With the ROV CONCEPT 2

Brimming with off-road strategy and compact agility, the ROV CONCEPT 2 aims to redefine the pleasure of driving by offering a more immersive journey through nature's diverse terrains, while its innovative hydrogen engine underscores Lexus' commitment to electrification and harmonious coexistence with the environment.

This updated version of the popular ROV CONCEPT houses a hydrogen engine, promising a driving experience that balances environmental awareness and pure enjoyment. Features such as a lower-mounted hydrogen tank, an aluminium skid plate, and high chipping resistance paint give the vehicle a rugged characteristic to withstand the wilderness.

The "Regolith" body color effortlessly harmonizes with the brilliance of nature, expressing the essence of the Overtrail in a metallic matte finish.

Experience Uncharted Luxury


Dive into the great outdoors with the RX OUTDOOR CONCEPT - a vehicle that explores the balance between customized fun and uncompromising quality.

The RX OUTDOOR CONCEPT adds a new dimension to the Lexus RX 450h+, prioritizing a lifestyle of leisure and recreation. Its highlight is a rooftop tent that eliminates the need for separate set-up, inviting you to camp while enjoying the comforts of Lexus. Large all-terrain tires, an aluminum skid plate, LED lights and KC lights make for a driving experience as exhilarating as it is luxurious.

More Adventures Await

As we journey into the future, the Lexus Overtrail Project continues to unfold, nurturing the relationship between humans, nature, and mobility. With every new chapter, we endeavor to enhance the thrill of adventure, blending it seamlessly with the elegance of luxury. Rest assured, your exploration with Lexus is just beyond the horizon.