Extraordinary speeds and advanced technological innovations. Despite having elements of intense competition and split-second decisions, motorsports is far from an acquired taste for both those on and off the track. Accessible to everyone from every corner of the planet, the world of motorsports is a space where manufacturers, suppliers, drivers, and racing fans can come together and learn more about all the latest technologies and innovations. Not only that, but the high-octane world of motorsports has a direct carryover into the development and innovation of everyday road-going vehicles.

With the aim to meet an increasingly diverse array of customer needs — partnered with environmental challenges and open media scrutiny — motorsports holds the potential to power our everyday lives.


Famous for its technology — from aerodynamics to ergonomics and safety systems to fuel efficiency — the world of competitive motorsports is like few others, where the latest innovations and frameworks are put to the test in the most extreme conditions.

For that very reason, motorsports plays a vital role in Lexus' pursuit of building exceptional cars — evident in their active involvement over the past two decades, including the Nürburgring 24 Hours with the LFA, other prestigious series with the RC F and LC, and the LX's desert racing challenge.

The significance of motorsports lies in its contribution to the development of production cars. For example, improving braking speed on all terrains — across all planes of movement including driving, stopping, and turning — has been honed through motorsports and paved the way for development in braking technology in road cars.

Similarly, innovations including crumple zones and pre-collision systems have been developed and refined through motorsports research and implementation.

As a participant in motorsports, Lexus also leverages aerodynamic advancements derived from racing to enhance the development of production cars, aligning with the functional beauty of race cars. This approach will enable Lexus to respond effectively to the rapid progress of the BEV society in recent years.

Racing tracks worldwide — both on- and off-road — present diverse environments and challenging conditions affected by various parameters, including weather changes. These demanding settings generate a wealth of invaluable driving data — essential for crafting production cars that inspire confidence on any road.

Motorsports, therefore, stands as a true "laboratory" for this purpose, in which engineers dedicate themselves to the development, production, and deployment of new components. The realm of racing presents a formidable test not only for the cars' velocity but also for the engineers' agility in innovation — forming a training ground where both vehicles and individuals undergo rigorous refinement.

This is precisely why Lexus has been competing in all kinds of races around the world with the aim of developing innovative road-going cars in the future.


Motor racing encompasses two distinct forms that contribute to the dynamic world of motorsports. The first form is competition racing, which primarily involves car manufacturers. Often likened to a cutting-edge laboratory, this arena serves as the ultimate battleground for pioneering new technologies in the development of production vehicles and shaping the future of mobility.

On the other hand, customer motorsports represents the second form, where individuals and businesses participate in races, each with their own unique objectives. From the gentleman drivers epitomizing passionate enthusiasm for high-performance, custom-built cars to the Sunday racers tuning production cars according to their personal style and preferences, Lexus aims to enrich every experience - whether on the track or the road - by providing exciting cars that epitomize the joy of driving for all.

As such, Lexus customers who enjoy participating in global race series with their racing models or driving their high-performance vehicles on circuits can have a dialogue with their cars to” be themselves.” Additionally, Lexus aims to foster a culture of customizing commercially available cars for personal racing and sports driving. By centering around Lexus cars, Lexus aspires to build an inclusive car culture that transcends age, gender, and social status. Its offerings encompass not only races but also race watching tour programs and track events, providing unique experiences for all enthusiasts.


Motorsports is more than just entertainment: it brings together car manufacturers across the world to share culture and technological expertise, overcoming cultural barriers and addressing local and environmental issues. The development of Lexus production cars is shaped by insights from motorsports, from braking technology to safety innovations and fuel efficiency. Ultimately, it’s these efforts made today that are channelled into delivering better cars tomorrow for Lexus customers.

Lexus has continued to innovate along with motorsports, and will deliver cars that allow everyone to experience the joy of driving while offering them various lifestyles. Lexus is aspiring toward this goal, and by doing so, will be able to pass on motorsports culture and automobile culture to future generations.

The ultimate aim of our motorsports activities is to offer a diverse lifestyle experience to every single one of our customers. Our mission is to pass on an ever-evolving car culture to the future by connecting the spirit of creating exceptional cars with speed and passion, so that everyone can experience the joy of driving.


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