In collaboration with the acclaimed Brussels Airlines Business Lounge, Lexus leaned on many of its core principles and philosophies of designing luxurious automotive and lifestyle experiences and applied those in an unexpected way —at the airport.

LOUNGE by Lexus, first opened in April 2018 at Brussels International Airport, is a next-generation business lounge that takes the ordinary and often mundane task of waiting for a flight, and transforms it into an extraordinary experience by which passengers truly enjoy and look forward to their time spent inside of an airport.

What’s unique inside?

In addition to some of the traditional expectations of a business lounge—meeting rooms, comfort areas, work and high-end dining areas, etc.—Lexus has gone above and beyond to make this space feel like nothing a world traveler has experienced before, including:

B.relaxed sleeping rooms by brussels airlines
Lexus Storytelling
Listening Room by Mark Levinson
Work stations
Lexus parts wall
Massage room by Panasonic

A design inspired by Lexus

Hospitality is the ultimate luxury

In addition to a passenger’s ability to engage with some of Lexus’ technology, premium comfort and tech innovations firsthand, the architectural details inside the Luxury Business Lounge also borrow design cues from INTERSECT BY LEXUS locations around the world. The iconic spindle grille design and monochromatic car part installation are just a few of inspired visual elements translated from automotive line.

Driven by its philosophy of Omotenashi, providing true comfort and warmth-like welcome, Lexus has designed a space that provided travelers with an exquisite feeling of serenity—a feeling rarely felt inside of an airport.