July, 2018

When remarkable design is applied to solve local community problems, the entire world benefits

Across 12 states in India, a local design team created a scalable meal program that has helped feed over 1.6 million school children, daily. This is just one of the innovations celebrated in this year’s inaugural Lexus Design Award India.

The Lexus Design Award India (LDAI) identifies a dozen industrial design innovations, each executed by visionary Indian designers and design teams. From eco-friendly package designs to self-watering planters, each project uniquely focused on enriching the way people live within their own local communities all across India

Modern Designs that inspire a better future

In its inaugural year, the Lexus Design Award India spotlighted some of the region’s most remarkable, humanitarian and world-changing feats of impact. Out of more than 700 entries, 80 were shortlisted by a jury of nine local design practitioners, corporate leaders, innovation experts and academics.

Explore some of the Winning Designs

2018’s top honors went to PaperBoat’s range of fruit juice package design. Not only were they designed to be more eco-friendly, but the form was also aimed at making the consumption of natural fruit juices feel more playful and fun. In addition to this year’s Grand Winner, the Lexus Design Award India recognized some of the India’s most progressive and meaningful design ideas including:

Baro Furniture Collection

Baro’s furniture embodies design influenced by the timeless mid-century modern movement, with particular attention paid to the balance between form and function.

Bidriware Collection

Saif Faisal works with the 700-year-old craft of Bidriware, infusing the traditional craft with new thinking and innovative designs. His work strives at designing products for urban consumers using this technique.

Toile Indienne Collection

Toile Indienne attempts to honor the Indian tradition of storytelling through contemporary and classic fabric collections - inspired by the romance of India’s history, crafts, and legends.

And many more.

Lexus believes the power of design can truly have a global impact, but none of that will matter unless we solve the problems facing our own individual communities. The LDAI focuses on hyper-targeted solutions that address issues of healthcare, pollution, nutrition, environmental waste and many more found across any number of local Indian villages and towns.

Find out more about Lexus Design Award initiative at: LDA 2019

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