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July, 2018

Modern craftsmanship meets traditional art forms in the all-new Lexus LS

Many of the design elements and details in the all-new Lexus LS interior are inspired by timeless Japanese art forms. A heritage reborn in the Kiriko glasswork of the door ornamentation. A culture reimagined through the personal touch in styling the pleated door trims. A philosophy of comfort and hospitality found in rear shiatsu seats that passengers indulge in along with the soft light that fills every empty space of the cabin.

As a Japanese luxury brand, we wanted to integrate elements of Japanese culture and the timeless appeal of Japanese craftsmanship to express the artistic side of Lexus.
Koichi Suga
Chief Designer

For the flagship sedan’s interior, Lexus’ Takumi artisans – experienced master craftspeople – looked to our rich Japanese artisan roots and to Omotenashi – the tradition of anticipatory hospitality – to craft a true expression of Japanese art and comfort.

Fitted to the door interiors of selected all-new LS grades, the unique pattern in the glass inserts is impossible to overlook. Lexus collaborated with a leading Kiriko glass Takumi craftsman to contribute this ancient and unique art.

Complementing this intricate glasswork design is another unmistakably unique feature. The design of the hand-folded pleats on the interior door panels, available in selected grades, is inspired by the ancient art of Origami paper folding. The pleats are folded by multiple craftspeople in tandem to achieve the unique aesthetic.

Remarkable craftsmanship meets cutting-edge technology to transform natural wood into interior door ornamentations, each featuring unique, beautiful patterns. These Artwood panels are optional fittings in selected all-new LS grades.

Another element of Japanese culture purposely designed to make both driver and passengers feel more at home in the cabin is the interior lighting. Influenced by centuries-old paper lanterns, this illumination is a subtle detail to help create an elevated feeling of serene luxury.

Artwood panels in selected all-new LS grades

The rear seats in the all-new LS offer 22-way power adjustments and relaxation massage with warming function. Air bladders integrated into the seatback and inflated seat cushions apply pressure to the passenger’s back and lower hip, facilitating physical and emotional relaxation. Lexus consulted professional masseurs trained in the Japanese art of Shiatsu to ensure accuracy in the application of pressure.

The rear seats in the all-new LS

Lexus’ commitment to tranquil and comfortable hospitality represents a core expression of Omotenashi. This, coupled with challenging the finest master craftspeople to reach new pinnacles of workmanship, underlines how Lexus has reimagined our cultural foundations in an entirely new, modern, luxurious form.

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