February, 2023

In this fast-paced world that we live in, too often that desire to venture out is outweighed by the responsibilities of everyday life. However, there are those things that invite adventure in, that pull you to get out and discover; to take a new road, or to leave the road behind entirely. 

That irresistible pull is the idea behind the new Lexus campaign, “Journeys Beyond the Road”. It’s a campaign designed to both highlight the bold design and refined capabilities of our luxury crossovers and SUVs, while emphasizing Lexus’ relentless ambition within the realm of off-road. With a highly capable lineup of vehicles, customers are able to be transported to all areas of the earth, both the explored and unexplored, whilst staying in true luxury. 

This idea is brought to life in the campaign's long-form film, “A Magnet for Adventure”. The story blends ultimate luxury with the rugged outdoors, and a touch of magic, to create a fresh and unexpected film with an awe factor that leaves you with a smile. Everyday camping objects takeoff and fly, hovering in the air and floating between city buildings, as if attracted by an invisible force emanating from our highly capable SUVs.

The Lexus LX and NX leave the familiarity of city roads for dirt paths – continuing onward toward the unknown. Together with these flying objects and elements, they all converge to become a part of the same spontaneous adventure. Because true luxury is having the confidence to explore outside your comfort zone, while staying in your comfort zone. And true freedom is roaming wherever you like, safely.

To exemplify our range of stylish, confident SUVs, this campaign showcases both the LX and NX as the largest and smallest adventure-ready vehicles in our portfolio.

The Lexus LX offers the luxury of freedom by combining the reliability, durability, and rough-road driving performance you’ve come to expect from our flagship SUV. Multi-Terrain Select and Crawl Control gives the LX superior ground-covering performance across a multitude of driving conditions. While the Multi-Terrain Monitor lets you to see your terrain from all sides, so you can determine the correct path to take; all while in unparalleled comfort and style.

Not to be outdone, the Lexus NX offers a modern design with intuitive tech, the perfect companion for city driving or when needing an escape from the concrete jungle. Lexus engineers collaborated with the world’s top experts in all-weather performance to develop the all-wheel drive system offered on the NX. Combined with our Lexus Driving Signature, this SUV allows you to take on any journey with confidence.

Find what adventures await you, in a Lexus SUV.

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