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Introducing the all-new Lexus LM, marking a new era in luxury Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPVs). Launching in over 60 countries, including Europe and Japan for the first time, the second-generation LM reimagines the "Luxury Mover" concept.

Building on Lexus' spirit of innovation, the all-new LM has been completely redesigned to create an interior space and dynamic experience where passengers feel naturally at ease. Engineered for effortless engagement, the driver enjoys direct and precise maneuverability, allowing rear-seat passengers an experience free of distractions from unwanted noise and vibrations.

The elegant exterior design showcases Lexus' signature aerodynamic form, while the interior boasts a functional and refined front cabin for focused driving and a spacious rear suite with meticulously crafted seats and trim alongside a variety of technologies to make the most of passengers' precious travel time.


The exterior design of the LM focuses on next-generation Lexus design, combining unique identity with functional purity and dynamic performance. Its elegant and graceful form maximizes cabin space and emphasizes excellent driving performance and ride comfort. The front design evolves the Spindle Body, integrating it seamlessly into the body for improved aerodynamic performance, cooling, and maneuverability.


Ride comfort is a priority for the LM, ensuring a flagship MPV experience for all passengers. For seat development, passenger body movements were thoroughly analyzed to ensure a naturally relaxed state for both body and mind no matter where you are sitting.

In a first for Lexus, the LM introduces new ride comfort technologies designed to enhance the overall experience for all passengers. These features include "AVS Suspension with Frequency-Sensitive Valve," which offers excellent ride quality regardless of speed, and the "Rear Comfort" drive mode, which prioritizes rear-seat comfort by adjusting the dampening force characteristics of the AVS and controlling the gas pedal and brake to minimize posture changes during acceleration and deceleration.


For the new LM, special attention was paid to creating a natural and comfortable sense of quietness. Noise frequency bandwidths and noise sources were analyzed, resulting in a 3-step approach to noise reduction: reducing generated noise (source noise), preventing noise from entering the vehicle (sound insulation), and reducing noise inside the vehicle (sound absorption).

Source noise reduction focused mainly on road noise and wind noise. In addition to the specific countermeasures for road noise around the tires and for wind noise around the hood and pillars, acoustic glass was used to help reduce high-frequency wind noise. The engine, one of the primary sources of noise and vibration, and the related mounts, which amplify the vibration, received thorough tuning. Also, cabin noise was greatly reduced by placing carefully calculated amounts and thicknesses of sound-absorbing, sound-insulating, and vibration-damping materials in appropriate places throughout the vehicle.


To help passengers feel truly at ease, the LM's interior combines exquisite craftsmanship with a human-centered approach. The design aims to create a relaxing, lounge-like atmosphere by maximizing the vehicle's generous interior height, providing a spacious and comfortable space characterized by sleek horizontal and vertical lines.

The speakers, refrigerator, storage compartments, and other functions are integrated into the design with great care taken to minimize the panel gaps between components.


In the front seats, a modern and spacious interior incorporates the Lexus Tazuna Cockpit concept, complemented by the simple instrument panel and console that create an environment where the driver can concentrate on driving.

This design philosophy emphasizes seamless interaction between driver and vehicle, ensuring a comfortable and intuitive experience that enhances the overall driving experience.


A Lexus first, the "Rear Climate Concierge" provides integrated control of air-conditioning, seat position, sunshades, and lighting, creating an optimal cabin environment for passengers. In addition to four preset modes, customizable modes are available to suit individual preferences.

The rear multi-operation panel features a detachable touch-screen controller for convenient control of rear-seat functions, such as the "Rear Climate Concierge," seats, audio, and lighting. With two controllers located on the console armrests of the second-row seats, left and right passengers can independently set their personal preferences.


The new LM has been developed to cater to the diverse needs of passengers, whether they wish to unwind in a hotel suite-like atmosphere or use their time for business in a mobile private study.

Indirect lighting accentuates the interior's beauty while offering a soothing ambience with 64 illumination color options, including 14 themed colors and 50 custom colors that can be selected to match passengers' moods or objectives.


The new LM offers a specially designed 4-seat configuration designed for chauffeur-driven use. The 4-seat configuration features a partition separating the front and rear seats, with a retractable glass window and a large 48-inch widescreen display, ensuring privacy without sacrificing airiness. The display can be used for various purposes, such as online meetings and entertainment, while a refrigerator and storage spaces are conveniently located beneath.

Exclusive to the 4-seater model, the rear seats boast independent seating with an extended range for the ottoman, heated armrests, and a Lexus-first heated ottoman. A Warmth-Sensing IR Matrix Sensor detects the temperature of occupants and adjusts the air-conditioning and seat heaters to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the vehicle. The retractable table, nestled within the armrest, accommodates a tablet or notebook PC, and features a leather-wrapped, non-slip, non-scratch surface.


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