Introducing the all-new Lexus LBX, a next-generation Lexus that challenges conventional size norms to deliver a unique blend of comfort, performance, and luxury. This compact vehicle offers a new value proposition, providing an engaging driving experience where driver and car become one.

The LBX, with its proportions rooted in functional essence and dynamic performance, presents a refined design and a strong presence beyond its segment. Alongside five distinct design themes, the innovative "Bespoke Build" program empowers customers to create a vehicle that aligns with their individual lifestyles and preferences. (Design themes and "Bespoke Build" availability may vary by region.)

Set to launch in Europe, Japan, and select markets worldwide from late 2023, the LBX is poised to offer a fresh perspective on automotive luxury.


Crafted with a wide-stance body, short overhangs, and flared treads, the LBX boasts a compact cabin design that positions the front pillars towards the rear. This unique proportion creates a sense of stability while maintaining a low center of gravity. The result is a commanding presence that transcends the constraints of its compact size.


The LBX introduces the 'Unified Spindle,' a design evolution that signifies a new era in Lexus design. This innovative front facia unifies functionality around the front face, creating a cohesive spindle shape that extends downward to the low-positioned radiator.

The narrow slit between the hood and bumper integrates seamlessly with the left and right headlamps, resulting in a resolute appearance that exudes confidence. The low hood design and seamless integration of the grille and body not only enhance the vehicle's visual appeal but also contribute to improved aerodynamic performance.

Accentuating a solid stance

The LBX's rear exterior is designed with a compact cabin atop the underbody, establishing a low center of gravity and a solid stance. The placement of the license plate on the bumper and the Lexus logo on the rear door enhances the clean look, further emphasizing the sense of a low center of gravity and solid mass.

The L-shape horizontal lamp, a signature Lexus aesthetic, is retained, adding to the vehicle's distinctive appeal. A distinct single-letter graphic on the back door adds a touch of individuality, while the single form horizontal LED is accentuated by minimizing the presence of the turn signal and backup lamps.

Tazuna Cockpit: A Seamless Connection

The LBX interior is based on the 'Tazuna Concept,' aiming to create an interior space where occupants can relax and enjoy a deep connection with the car. The simple, horizontal instrument panel design ensures an open field of vision, creating a cockpit space where the driver can concentrate on driving. The stylish design cue that extends from the meter hood to the door trim highlights both compact ergonomics and a sense of expansiveness. The center display and a large 12.3-inch full LCD work in tandem to provide clear and easily accessible driving information.

Tailored to Your Lifestyle

The LBX introduces a new grade system, offering five distinct themes*: 'Cool', 'Relax', 'Elegant', 'Active', and 'Urban'. Each theme is designed to cater to various lifestyles and preferences.

For instance, the 'Cool' theme showcases a modern and refined ambiance, with a contrasting blend of genuine leather and ultrasuede, complemented by playful stitching and embroidery.

Meanwhile, the 'Relax' theme offers a premium space that reaches far beyond its class, with the exquisite touch of semi-aniline leather, embellished with intricate embroidery in a sophisticated saddle tan color."
*Availability may vary by region.

Made to Order “Bespoke Build”

With the 'Bespoke Build' personalization system, customers can truly make the LBX their own*. This system allows for the creation of a unique masterpiece that perfectly mirrors individual tastes and sensibilities.

With a vast array of approximately 330,000 variations, including options for leather color, seatbelt color, stitch thread color, expanded color combinations, and even exclusive trim enhancements, the 'Bespoke Build' program offers a distinctive and personalized vehicle configuration that customers can truly delight in creating.
*Availability may vary by region.

Embodying the Lexus Driving Signature

The Lexus Driving Signature offers a unique driving experience that aims to provide a seamless and linear response, faithfully reflecting the driver's intentions. It ensures a smooth transition between deceleration, steering, and acceleration across various driving scenarios.

The new LBX embodies this signature, featuring a driving position that fosters a deep connection with the car, a packaging design with exceptional inertia characteristics, and revamped front suspension geometry. With heightened body rigidity and a focus on suppressing unwanted external disturbances, the LBX offers a peaceful ride. The ultimate goal is to instill a lasting desire to continue exploring the road ahead.

GA-B Platform: Engineered for Unmatched Performance

The LBX is built on the GA-B platform, a Lexus specific TNGA platform engineered for compact vehicles. This platform focuses on optimizing inertial characteristics through a lightweight, highly rigid body with a low center of gravity. The driver's seating position is set low to decrease both the center of gravity and overall height, all while maintaining generous interior space.

Furthermore, a broad and low stance is achieved through a wide track. Despite the use of segment-defying larger-diameter tires, the vehicle achieves a remarkable minimum turning radius of 5.2 meters, prioritizing effortless maneuverability.

Aerodynamic Precision: Enhancing Stability and Comfort

A special focus on aerodynamic performance further enhances both handling stability and ride comfort. The hood is designed with a low front-end and minimal grille opening, along with a seamless grille which minimizes airflow disturbances. This balance between design aesthetics and high aerodynamic performance is a testament to Lexus' commitment to excellence.

The sides of the vehicle have been designed to minimize the step between the door surface and the beltline molding, resulting in high aerodynamic efficiency and enhanced handling stability.

Exceptional straight-line stability has been achieved by refining the spoiler and rear combination lamps, as well as optimizing airflow from the roof to the tip of the rear spoiler.


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