Introducing the all-new Lexus GX, a true off-roader that effortlessly conquers any road and opens the door to new experiences.

Set to be gradually released worldwide starting from the end of 2023, the new GX has been reimagined as 'The Premium Off-Roader,' designed to elevate the driving experience, whether on rugged terrains or cruising along urban streets.

With its first redesign since its initial launch in 2002, the GX now incorporates the new GA-F platform and a highly efficient V6 twin-turbo engine, all part of a comprehensive set of advancements that together deliver an optimal balance between power, fuel economy, and quietness.


The new Lexus GX is a testament to the 'HIGH END × PROFESSIONAL' design concept. As a genuine Lexus off-roader, it encapsulates a refined outdoor lifestyle, merging functional essence with dynamic performance in its proportions and unique design.


With extended front and rear fenders, the GX asserts a commanding presence. The sculpted body design lends a rugged aesthetic, while the rear is tastefully adorned with a single horizontal combination lamp and the iconic Lexus logotype. These elements come together to evoke a sense of toughness and modernity.

The rear combination lamps, positioned at a higher level, serve a practical purpose too, ensuring enhanced visibility in wooded areas or low-visibility conditions.


Enter the new Lexus GX and experience the innovative 'Tazuna Concept' cockpit. Inspired by the connection between a horse and its rider, the cockpit seamlessly integrates the steering wheel switches with the heads-up display, allowing effortless operation of essential functions.

The large 14-inch center display, positioned low to maximize forward visibility, contributes to a sense of security for the driver. While the display incorporates soft switches for streamlined integration, essential controls such as the heater and audio utilize physical switches for quick and convenient operation.


The new Lexus GX represents the pinacle of Lexus' true off-roaders, showcasing an evolved level of vehicle performance designed to deliver new experiences. While maintaining the traditional body-on-frame structure, the vehicle's framework has been comprehensively redesigned. The introduction of a new GA-F platform and enhanced body rigidity results in a remarkable improvement in driving performance across all road types.

The GA-F platform plays a crucial role in enhancing both on-road and off-road driving experiences. This platform improves collision safety performance, increases quietness, and elevates overall driving quality.

Class-leading performance

Experience class-leading performance with the new Lexus GX, powered by a 3.5L V6 twin-turbocharged engine that delivers abundant power and generous torque. Mated to a direct-shift 10-speed automatic transmission, the V35A-FTS engine offers a dynamic driving experience with improved fuel efficiency, startup acceleration, and off-road performance.

For the first time, Lexus also introduces a 2.4L hybrid body-on-frame vehicle. The hybrid system integrates a motor and wet clutch between the highly efficient 2.4L T24A-FTS inline 4-cylinder engine and a newly developed direct-shift 8-speed automatic transmission. This meticulous engineering embodies the essence of a true off-roader, prepared for any circumstance

Optimized suspension for excellent stability

The new suspension system provides both off-road drivability and on-road handling stability at an exceptional level. The front suspension features a high-mount double wishbone design, achieving stable vehicle posture through optimal suspension geometry. Fine-tuned coil spring rate, increased caster trail, and minimized king pin offset maximize vehicle stability during various driving conditions, delivering a comfortable driving experience.

Employing a 4-link rigid suspension with lateral control arms at the rear, the GX optimizes the suspension arm and shock absorber arrangement. This effectively controls axle movement, enhancing vehicle stability during braking. The shock absorbers, equipped with independent telescopic valves and FCD (Friction Control Device), and the enhanced rigidity of the fastening components, ensure a balance between vehicle stability and ride comfort.

The Lexus Driving Signature

The all-new GX, despite its body-on-frame construction, delivers exceptional on-road control and ride comfort. Enhancements to the vehicle's attributes, such as improved body rigidity, ensure a high-quality driving experience, even in urban environments.

The Electric Power Steering (EPS) system offers smooth and precise steering, while the Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) system enhances responsiveness and stability. These advancements forge a seamless connection between deceleration, steering, and acceleration, embodying the unique "Lexus Driving Signature," even as a full-fledged off-roader.


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