Structural Blue:




July, 2018

The shade of blue desired for the lexus LC didn’t exist. So a new one was invented

It began with unusual inspiration: the keen observation of the morpho butterfly. Although its wings appear to be a rich shade of blue, they actually have no pigmentation of their own.

The effect is the result of microscopic details that scatter light and show only the color wavelengths of the iridescent blue we perceive in their vibrant wings.
For Lexus, this science inspired the creation of Structural Blue.

A process 15 years in the making, Lexus researched, conceptualized and engineered an entirely new color of paint. A unique blue shade that reflects light much like that of a mirror. It creates a striking vibrant color when viewed directly, yet when captured at an off-angle, its crafted iridescence transforms into a much darker, moodier tone. When applied to the Lexus LC, Structural Blue highlights the car’s dynamic design and features, giving its unique shape the appearance of motion.

The process of developing and applying this color is one uniquely designed for the Lexus LC. This application can take upwards of eight months, featuring 12 production steps and 20 quality inspections; only two Structural Blue LCs can be built each day.

The development of Structural Blue illustrates Lexus’ dedication to push beyond limitations and turn the seemingly impossible into a reality; creating a modern expression of luxury and exclusivity for their drivers.


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