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by Lexus

INTERSECT BY LEXUS is a place where creative minds meet and share ideas; where inspired people intersect with sublime expressions of culture to experience amazing.

To intersect is to cross paths, to have one or more points in common. INTERSECT BY LEXUS is a luxury space first and foremost for people to sit, reflect, create, debate and collaborate; where inspired people intersect with expressions of lifestyle, from design and architecture, to the food and entertainment, to technology and beyond. It is a meeting point for creative minds to converge and form connections that make great ideas even better. It’s a place where inspiration lives.

INTERSECT BY LEXUS is a sensorial experience, reflecting the brand’s design and environment ethos. Neither dealership nor traditional retail space, guests may engage with Lexus without getting behind a steering wheel. It offers guests a sense of Lexus, and the lifestyles it embodies.

First introduced in Tokyo, INTERSECT BY LEXUS has expanded to Dubai and New York City.


The heart of
our values

INTERSECT BY LEXUS embodies the brand’s design values and is a unique reflection of each city’s identity. Its carefully designed exterior and interior match the surrounding neighborhood, and creates a place where visitors can experience Lexus through the design, quality materials, and first-class craftsmanship.

The intricate bamboo-laminated lattice with a motif inspired by the Lexus spindle grille gives the space a strong identity, while the eye-catching surface collage of whitewashed Lexus vehicle parts are an homage to Lexus’ production origins and an imaginative physical expression of the design values at the heart of the Lexus brand.



INTERSECT BY LEXUS offers an exceptional culinary and service experience that reflects the essence of a luxury lifestyle brand through gastronomy. Visitors can enjoy a casual yet elegant cafe-style atmosphere on one floor, or sublime yet relaxed dining on another.

The high-quality food and coffee are carefully selected, and dedicated yet charming service staff contribute to unique and memorable occasions that makes guests feel enriched.


For the

INTERSECT BY LEXUS designs experiences for culturally curious global citizens and international innovators. Combining craft, design, and technology via special moments, INTERSECT BY LEXUS provides the opportunities for its guests to meet while, at the same time, elevating cultural experiences and facilitating the exchange of ideas.


Tokyo is a constantly changing global hub that yet retains a traditional and distinctive personality. Nestled in the center of Aoyama, a neighborhood renowned for its pioneering design, fashion and culinary scene, INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO is an inviting stop for guests to savor an elevated coffee and bistro experience, as well as innovative installations and custom events.

Tokyo 4-21-26 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo


INTERSECT BY LEXUS – DUBAI reflects the innovation and progress that defines this city, located at the heart of the Dubai International Financial Center. It offers a relaxed yet stimulating space for people seeking diverse luxury lifestyles enriched by design, the arts, fashion, culture and technology.

Dubai Gate Village Building 7, DIFC, Dubai, UAE


Following successful launches in Tokyo and Dubai, INTERSECT BY LEXUS – NYC lives in the heart of the vibrant Meatpacking District and continues the brand’s commitment to supporting innovation on local, national and international levels.

New York City 412 W 14th St, New York, NY 10014



Designed to make daily life more inspired and elevated, the CRAFTED FOR LEXUS items represent an important element of INTERSECT BY LEXUS. Made by up-and-coming artists who blend traditional craft and skill with modern design, their unique products reflect Lexus’ commitment to innovation for everyday living, as well as Lexus’ desire to support the imagination of young creators.


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