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August, 2022

From art, architecture and design to entertainment, food and technology, Lexus’ brand space in Tokyo invites creatives to converge with the ultimate expressions of life.

Opened in 2013, INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO is a luxury space to sit, reflect, create, debate, and collaborate. It’s also a multi-sensorial experience that reflects Lexus’ design and environmental ethos and its “Experience Amazing” mantra all without having to get behind a steering wheel. Here, Lexus has always showcased mindfulness and a dedication to the happiness of its customers in its work, whether as part of its vehicles or through the INTERSECT concept.

The “Flag Partition” is now an integral part of the interior at INTERSECT BY LEXUS - TOKYO.

April 2020 - The “Flag Partition” Series

Born under Tokyo’s state of emergency issued in April 2020, the “Flag Partition” came about as a rebuttal against sterile social-distance partitioning requirements. The team wanted to reinvent these requirements in a more INTERSECT-esque fashion so that guests could still dine peacefully, all while staying safe.

The installation’s partitions were constructed of colorful mesh fabrics to provide a positive and bright atmosphere that wouldn’t impact the vibrant ambience of the space. But rather than just being installed in adherence to countermeasures against COVID-19, the “Flag Partition” has become an integral part of the decorative interior. With its bright, tactile and interactive design, it continues to authentically create happiness in motion with a unique approach—something that Lexus always aims to do with its work.

In 2021, the “Flag Partition” Series received a Red Dot Design Award for its outstanding creativity and design quality.

Through the addition of unfolding fragments of colour, “The Path of Colour” exhibit represented the various paths taken through life.

April 2021 - “The Path of Colour”

Lexus cooperated with SPREAD in 2021 for “The Path of Colour” exhibit. There, the Garage (a stylish exhibition space on the first floor where artists whose values resonate with the Lexus brand  are given a stage to showcase their creativity) was transformed by the placement of a vermilion net that symbolized human existence. Through the addition of unfolding fragments of color, the exhibit represented the various paths taken through life, and the power that colors have to stir the imagination, spark memories and stimulate the senses. Guests could also experience the richness of fleeting beauty, whether it was the cherry blossom petals fluttering to the ground in spring, or the leaves turning red in autumn. Finally, they could interact with the work by tearing their own piece of colored paper and adding it to the installation.

“Tamayura” by Kaibutsu, an exhibit held at INTERSECT BY LEXUS - TOKYO in June 2021.

June 2021 - “Tamayura” by Kaibutsu

“Tamayura” was an emotional response to early summer rains, highlighted by incorporating car parts into the display. Translating a “a fleeting moment,” the installation recreated the movement of raindrops “dancing” on the top of a car. It aimed to evoke the charm of rainfall and the notion that even on a gloomy day, rain can make people unexpectedly calm and content. These raindrops also expressed a uniquely Japanese aesthetic of the changing seasons, weather, and impermanence, sparking true joy in the onlookers.

Yutaka Endo’s “Hex Flat Crystallised” exhibit at INTERSECT BY LEXUS - TOKYO.

November 2021 - “Hex Flat Crystallized”

Technical director Yutaka Endo brought his exhibition, “Hex Flat Crystallized,” to the space in November 2021, an appeal to humans’ fascination with light. The installation used acrylic panels covered with RAYCEA film. These panels were designed and arranged in a strategic hexagonal crystal shape, allowing the layers of color and light to change with the viewer’s perspective. In doing so, it allowed onlookers to engage in a dialogue with the exhibit, exploring their own personal impressions and responses, and discovering a sense of what their futures may hold.

“Hex Flat Crystallised” used acrylic panels covered with RAYCEA film, a light-control technology developed by Nitto Denko Corporation.

The Place Where Inspiration Lives

A hub of creativity, emotion, craftmanship, and admiration for life’s most beautiful sentiments, INTERSECT BY LEXUS – TOKYO is an unmissable destination in Aoyama where guests can come for the inspiration, and leave full of life, enthusiasm, and delight.

Published in “FOUR" magazine, 2022.