Lexus' Electrification
to Drive the Senses at
Milan Design Week 2020

Lexus' Electrification to Drive the Senses at Milan Design Week 2020



February, 2020

Lexus is returning to Milan Design Week, the world’s largest design exhibition, with “SENSES ELECTRIFIED”

For their 13th year in Milan, Lexus commissioned Loop.pH, a world-renowned, London-based spatial laboratory, to present a vision of an electrified future where transportation engages and stimulates the senses. In partnership with Loop.pH, Lexus aims to create a dynamic and immersive experience which was inspired by the vision of “LEXUS ELECTRIFIED” and the LF-30 Electrified concept car, which will also be on display.

Mathias Gmachl of loop.pH with the LF-30 Electrified concept

Founder and Director of Loop.pH Mathias Gmachl says “We really enjoy working with the Lexus brand because it is so visionary and human centered. “LEXUS ELECTRIFIED” aims to be an extension of your senses. The installation leads you on a journey through a series of immersive environments that reveal the perception-amplifying possibilities of electrification.”

As a studio they create visionary experiences and environments that allow people to dream and re-imagine new visions for our future. Loop.pH explores the role of art and design in public space by working outside of the gallery, museum and laboratory. Their work speculates on near and far future scenarios as a way to probe at the social and environmental impact of emerging biological and technological futures. The environments they create often synthesize living materials with digital tools, whilst exploring a new role for designers working at an urban scale.

Notable works include Mind Pilot for the Design Museum London in 2018, OSMO at TED2015, and the Hybrid Art Project for Lexus Russia in 2010.

Learn more about Loop.pH


In the same venue, the six finalists of the 2020 Lexus Design Award will exhibit their works in an interactive display. Now in its eighth year, the Lexus Design Award provides a unique platform for young creators to demonstrate and further develop their talents. On Press Day, June 15th, the Grand Prix winner will be selected by an international jury of renowned design leaders working at the cutting edge of creative media.

“SENSES ELECTRIFIED” will be held June 16th through June 21st at Superstudio Più, in the Tortona district – considered the center of Milan Design Week.

Duration Press preview: June 15, 10:00 – 17:30
June 16 – 20, 10:00 – 21:00
June 21, 10:00 – 18:00
Venue Superstudio Più (Art Point)
Via Tortona, 27 20144 – Milano, Italy


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